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Photo of Miami Sailing's yacht delivering instruction to a student on Biscayne Bay off the coast of Coconut Grove

Nestled along the Atlantic shoreline of South Florida, Biscayne Bay stretches approximately 35 miles in length and up to 8 miles in width. The northern part of the bay is enveloped by the vibrant Miami metropolitan area, whereas the southern portion largely retains its untouched nature. The bay is flanked on its western side by the Florida mainland and is shielded from the Atlantic Ocean by a series of islands in the north, a significant shoal in the central region, and the northernmost Florida Keys in the south. Sailors enjoy the sun and the warm temperatures while relishing the trade winds blowing in from the Atlantic across the sheltered waters of Biscayne Bay.


At Miami Sailing School, we invite you to join us on Biscayne Bay, where you can embark on a transformative sailing journey, honing your skills and immersing yourself in the beauty of this remarkable coastal region.

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