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Captain Russell Beyer


Sail around Biscayne Bay and enjoy the beautiful skyline that Miami has to offer.  Whether you want to anchor out, stop at the sandbar or go for a swim, we have got you covered.



Whatever the origins of its name, Biscayne Bay is and always has been a “bright, great bay” that has attracted explorers, adventurers, residents, and tourists. Not only is it a source for food, transportation, and commerce, it also offers boundless opportunities for recreation, education, and spiritual nourishment to those who visit and live near it. Biscayne Bay is the largest estuary on the coast of southeast Florida and is contiguous with the southern Florida Everglades and Florida Bay.

The bay is also the location of the Port of Miami, one of the largest passenger and commercial ports of call in the world. In addition, the Miami River, one of the largest tributaries to the bay, is a working river and is Florida’s fifth largest port and the primary service area of international trade to the Caribbean. The Miami River is also home to some of Miami’s most historic and scenic neighborhoods.


Indeed, Biscayne Bay is many things to many people. It supports important sport and commercial fisheries. It is a source of environmental education and recreation. Its waters and shores are favored for sailing, boating, snorkeling, swimming, bay viewing, and sunbathing. More importantly, the bay is ecologically significant, supporting and nurturing an enormous variety of wildlife.


Enjoy a home away from home that's close to both Florida's coastal wetland ecosystem and the excitement of Miami. With warm temperatures year-round and unlimited marine activities, if you've never traveled to Biscayne Bay and have yet to experience all the fun activities, then consider day chartering a sailboat to appreciate what living in Florida might be like.

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